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Choosing A New Supplier For All Your Industrial Cleaning Products

With inflation rising and the cost of everything going through the roof, it is an excellent time to review your current suppliers and see if you can shop around to get better deals for your business. If possible, you will want to use as few suppliers as possible to try and reduce delivery charges, or you can order in bulk to reach their free delivery minimums, which will save you some money in the long run. Below are some tips to help you find new suppliers for all your industrial cleaning needs and help you get the best deals possible.

Make Yourself A Shopping List

You will want to go through your records for the last year and look at all the cleaning products you have bought. You will also need to take inventory of what you currently have in stock to work out your overall usage to help you purchase your supplies in bulk. You can often make savings when buying in bulk, so if you have the storage space and budget available, you can buy everything you need for a year in one go. Create a detailed shopping list of everything you will need for the year, such as industrial drain cleaner, floor cleaner, and degreaser, and then you can start shopping and find the best deals possible.

The Ten Most Costly Items

You will want to take the ten things on your shopping list that are the biggest expense and start searching for suppliers of each item. You will want to compare the price for each item and see which companies offer the best price and put the information you find into a spreadsheet. You can collate information such as the supplier’s name, a link to the product on their website, the cost, minimum order requirement, and delivery charges for each supplier and item on your list. You can add as many suppliers s you want to this, and the more you have, the better, as it increases your chances of getting the fairest price possible.

Crunching The Numbers

Looking at the information in your spreadsheet, you can sort it into the best overall cost for you for each product, and you will most likely see a few suppliers sticking out when comparing prices. You will want to work out the top three suppliers for the top ten products on your list and see which ones have the best costs, including delivery. You may want to go shopping for more items to help you narrow down your search even further, and when you know who the best suppliers are, you will need to look at them in more detail.

Looking At Their Online Reputations

It can sometimes be better to spend a little more and use the services of a reputable company that provides excellent service. You will want to look at the top suppliers on your list and investigate their online reputations to see what they are like and compare them. You can use social media platforms to help you with this, such as FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, which can give insight into how they operate and how their customers rate them. Look at the reviews left and how the companies interact with their customers and select the company you feel does the best. Hopefully, you will find yourself an excellent new supplier and save yourself a bit of money in the process.

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