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Do superior business cards help my business in any way?


Companies or individuals use business cards because it entails the company’s or individual details such as the holder’s name, what business the company does, and other relevant information. These cards have been made modern due to their effectiveness in driving clients.  They use it to create first impressions.

No matter the increase in technology, business cards can not be replaced. No automation can take their place.

Many companies or individuals keep some of the business cards within their reach and exchange them with some of their prospective clients. This helps promote business during meetings, seminars, or other ways of engagement.

What is a business card?

These cards bear the giver’s business information, be it an individual or a company. During formal meetings, these cards are shared to aid recollection and expand networks.

Mainly, it includes the owner’s logo, names, and other info such as an address, phone number, and email address.

Thermography business cards had been in existence way before the introduction of the E-communication business card, which is a business card consisting of a telex. Social media networking platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

This enables clients to know more about the company’s products or services rendered. Research shows that 80% of people have ideas about a company due to the quality of their business cards.

Therefore, as important as a business card is, it can make or break a business. So many customers will refuse to patronize you if the business card doesn’t have the perfect card size.

Importance of business card

  • A receiver receiving contact details easily

The reason why business cards still exist is that they deliver adequate information about the company with ease. The company information is vital to a client. Information on the card consists of email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

The receiver can easily keep this card in a wallet or drawer. Technology has made it easier to send pieces of information through iPhone and Android.  This can only happen when both are compatible. A business card is vital because not all customers have compatible phones.

  • Pleasant and warmly greetings

Clients get the company’s details, but they also exchange greetings while handling the cards to prospective customers. It helps in creating a good relationship with a client.

As much as it creates a warm relationship between the clients, the quality of the card should be taken seriously as this shows and reminds the client of your standard.


  • The business is referable

Another attribute a business card should possess is being able to mention the skills business has. Your card should let the recipient know your extra skills; with this, it creates referrals. The receiver can refer the business to someone who is willing to have those skills.


Business cards have some significance in today’s world. These cards help to create a warm and perfect relationship with prospective customers. They also help in developing trust and bonds with the clients.

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