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How to Clean Your Green Swimming Pool

Are you wondering how to clean a green swimming pool? If yours was abandoned the whole of winter, you have work to do. Learn how to revive your pool ready for summer BBQs and pool parties.

Green swimming pools are not user-friendly. You may have an automatic cleaner in place but you could still be struggling to keep the pool clean. This is because cleaning appliances can sometimes not withstand hot, muggy summers, and winter storms. However, you can have the blue back in your pool following these simple steps;

Step One

Remove any litter from the pool’s surface using a large pool net. After clearing the top, dip the net into the pool running it along the pool sides and bottom to get rid of waste under the surface. Using a large pool brush, brush along the sides and the bottom in backward and forward motions. This action clears algae growth, which causes the green color on your pool.

Step Two

Run the pool pump for about one hour. After running the pump, repeat the process of removing waste and do some vacuuming. If you have an auto-cleaning bot, you can use it for this process. Although it can take you longer than using a conventional brush, it saves you plenty of physical effort. In case you don’t know how to clean a green swimming pool, the appliance also does most of the hard work for you.

Step Three

After completing the initial cleaning, it is now time to “shock” the pool. You can achieve this by using double the amount of pool chemicals that you use normally. Doing this hampers the remaining growth of algae and prepares your swimming pool for the first season swim.

You have to continue the shocking process once weekly in summer or more frequently if you can. Apply most of the reagents in the deep end not forgetting the pool edges as algae grow there as well. Brush any reachable surface to prevent further algae destruction.

Backwash and Test

Check to determine whether backwashing the pool is necessary. If cloudiness or a film is still visible, you can add a clarifier to clear it. Let the clarifier stay for approximately four hours to work properly then backwash it again to cleanse the filter once more. If all the algae are not cleared by shocking, you can use a brush again and put an algaecide.

Remember to check the level of water in your pool. If adding water is required, do it before testing the chlorine and pH levels. You can now test the water on your own or seek the help of a swimming pool services company.

Your summer season plans do not have to be ruined because you do not know how to clean your green pool. It is possible to clean such a pool without any experience provided you find the time to follow the above process and see your pool reviving back to life.

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