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Creating A Shopping List For Your Office Renovation Project

Even with the best care, your office space can start to look tired and dated after a while and need freshening up. Many companies are worried about the current economy and are looking to reduce costs but creating a pleasant environment can benefit your business with the boost you can see in your employee’s productivity. You can consider doing the job yourself and saving significantly on the cost of refurbishing your office, and with basic DIY skills, you can complete most tasks. However, another way to save money on the cost of refurnishing your office is shopping around for the best deals on materials, and you can find some tips to help you do this below.

Put Together A Work Schedule

One of the first tasks you will have in preparation for refurbishing your office is creating a work schedule for everything you will do in the office refurbishment. You can break the project into different tasks to know what jobs need to be done and how long everything should take you. Once you have your work schedule, you can create a materials schedule to help make a shopping list of everything you will require.

Making A List Of Materials

You can start going through your work schedule, look at each job that needs doing, and break this into separate stages. You can then list all the materials, tools, and equipment required to complete each step until the job is complete. You repeat this for every job, and you should be left with a list of everything you need to finish your office refurbishment. You will now want to separate your list and have the materials you need, such as access panels and paint, in one list and the tools and equipment in another.

Getting Your Tools & Equipment

Rather than going to the expense of buying quality tools and equipment you need to complete your office refurbishment, it is worth considering hiring them instead. You can get everything you require from a reputable tool hire company and pay for them as long as you need them. It will be significantly cheaper than purchasing quality tools, and you can get tuition for using them correctly.

Sourcing Your Materials

You can now take your required list of materials and put them into separate pages on a spreadsheet. You can start working your way through each material you need and find the best suppliers for them and include details on your spreadsheet. You will want to have the unit price, delivery cost, availability, lead times, discounts, and company contact details, and repeat this for each material you require for your refurbishment project. You can then determine which suppliers are best for the various materials and start placing your orders. However, grouping your orders is worthwhile, so you use fewer companies, which can help reduce delivery costs and save money.

You can now place your orders, wait for everything to arrive, start your office refurbishment process, and create a pleasant environment for all your employees. Take your time with the job and see if you can get others to help you, and it can go smoothly and make a significant difference to the look and feel of your workplace.

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