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Top Five Benefits of Remote E-Notarization

Remote online notarization has come across as a great alternative to physically notarizing documents with a myriad of its benefits. The use of audio, video, digital signatures, and digital certificates allow an individual to conduct the notarization sessions over the internet seamlessly. With technology becoming more economical and internet connectivity becoming much faster and better, remote notarization online has become the most viable option for public notaries. As a Notary Public, one should consider the benefits of online notarization when deciding to utilize the same platform within the notarization business. This article uncovers the top five benefits of remote notarization online.

  • Faster and more accurate transactions

Remote e-notarization makes it possible for the person to get client signatures in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. This means that gone are those days when one needs to make an after-hours trip to meet someone who needs notary services. And also, unlike paper documents, online notarization software can enable mandatory fields, which means that a person will have 100% complete documents all the time.

  • Reduce paper, printing, and postage

Remote online notarization has entirely digitized the notarization process, meaning there is no need for paper, printing, or postage. Gone are the stacks of paper, countless empty ink cartridges, courier bags, and printing and postage expenses. The noticeable reduction in paper, printing, and postage will allow one to enjoy savings in their bank accounts. Not only operating costs but also a lot of time is saved due to the online notarization process as professionals now need to maintain documents or records physically. The saved time can build a relationship with clients and increase sales.

  • Work efficiently and remotely

Now a remote notarization online process can be completed from within the comfort of the Notary Public’s home, no matter how far the client is residing. Since there is no need to travel, the saved time can be used to notarize more documents increasing the earning potential.

  • Securely sign and notarize

Depending on how reliable and professional the remote online notarization provider is, the documents that the clients are signing and notarizing will be just as secure as what physical versions would be. Using digital certificates, credential analysis, and identity proofing allows clients to protect themselves against identity fraud.

  • Using an electronic notary journal

With the digital notarization process, there is no need for the service provider t carry the notepad that they might have been using for years. The service providers need not worry about the notepads and all their notarization records getting destroyed or lost. The electronic notary journals will have all the essential information logged and securely stored digitally.


Not only is the remote E-notarization process beneficial for the service providers but also for their clients. With so many benefits of notarization online, document notarizing companies should consider shifting to E-notarization platforms. However, before choosing a specific remote E-notarization platform, a company should figure out its needs and opt for a platform fulling the same.

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