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How to Manage Generational Differences in the Workplace

Getting the best from your employees involves more than just motivating them as individuals. You also need to find a way to bring them together to work as a team despite their differences. This can be challenging for leaders because no two people are exactly the same. One of the the most difficult barriers in the workplace is to bring unity among the different generations. Your workforce is likely made up by people of all ages, and their perspectives and personalities can vary widely. For instance, Baby Boomers enjoy working in a more structured organization, while younger generations enjoy a more fluid working style with the expectation of change.

Building a successful team and organization means accepting what each generation brings and finding ways to utilize it successfully. To learn more about generational differences in the workplace and how to make it work for you, read the following resource by Goodwill Car Donations.

This infographic was created by Goodwill Car Donations

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