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Engagement rate is gold when it comes to Instagram

While it might be necessary to buy Instagram followers to push the number of followers that you have higher so that you can make money on Instagram, the main thing is all about engagement rates. There is need of having to post content on Instagram if you have followers who don’t see or interact with it.

An example is where you have $100 and want to make extra money with it. You can go ahead and invest it with someone who have thousands of buyers potentially at their disposal, but you then end up to notice that only a few are paying attention to what they say. The best thing that you would invest that $100 with someone who has a few thousand potential buyers, but they are the type who pays attention constantly to what they say.

The main thing to make money on Instagram might not be the follower count but having good rate of engagement. The rate of engagement is the total number of comments and likes on particular posts, divide it by the number of followers and then multiply everything by 100. There are several tools available on the market which you can use to do this if you are not the type that doesn’t like doing the math on your own.

There is a platform for scheduling and marketing Instagram which states that the engagement rate of between % and 3% are what is considered to be average and rates which are between 4% to 6% are considered to be very high. A rate of engagement that breaches double digits is considered to be viral.

When your rate of engagement tends to be high, that will tellthe brands that your followers hearing what you say and at the same time, to listen. It will be possible to be able to invest cash with you since in turn, it will, make your followers to buy their products.

Your niche is important

You need to know that, out of 10 people, 7 rely on social media in making purchase decision and about a half them rely on the influencers’ opinion. Whether you know or tend to know about them, people who are there are looking out for recommendation to follow and yours could be one of them.

If you are knowledgeable and passionate in a certain niche, you need to earn money just promote products and brands you already love. Some of the niches which are profitable on Instagram are wellness/health/fitness/fashion, travel, business, beauty, finance/wealth, lifestyle and luxury.

Users in such niches work with various brands, creating a wide range of content and having a success in Instagram accounts monetizing. There is Huda Kattan who started beauty influencer on Instagram and at the moment, has over 2 million followers which have encouraged her to launch a popular line for makeup.  Some niches tend to be specific that you don’t have to have several followers for you to land sponsored posts.

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