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How to Create A study plan for NCERT Books for Class 9 English

When we think about CBSE exams, the first thing that comes to our minds is conceptual clarity for every subject. With cutthroat competition in today’s time, the key to scoring well lies in comprehending the concepts and an effective study plan that can help you take your preparations to another level.

The difficulty pattern of English CBSE exams always follows a continuum which means the paper will hold simple, moderate and difficult questions. To score well in the exam requires attempting the majority of questions really well. The best way to approach the English CBSE Examination for achieving a good percentage is by having accurate knowledge of all chapters from poetry to prose as well as the grammar concepts. So, the next big question is how to have excellent preparations in English for your exam so you can score more than 90 marks in it.

Well, the answer to this is NCERT BOOKS combined with a personalised study plan for English.

NCERT books are a source for credible & authentic information. Based on the CBSE syllabus, NCERT books have simple explanations of even the most complex topics.

So, here is a quick guide on how you can make a study plan for English with NCERT books

  • Know The Books

The first thing you need to have along with a study plan is NCERT books. While the Study plan will outline what topics are to be completed and when the right books will ensure that you are studying the right content.

NCERT books can be your best companion for CBSE exams. One tip that you will find being recommended from CBSE toppers is how much importance and time they have given reading and understanding NCERT books. So if you prioritise NCERT books over other books, know that you will not be disappointed. You can easily find NCERT Books for Class 9 English Beehive, and others online, and on the market.

  • Fix Your Study Hours and Books

It is important to fix the number of hours and your books. Try to fix hours based on your concentration level. As soon as your concentration starts going down then is the time you have to stop studying. Also, studying every day is crucial. For the books CBSE has always maintained its stand that NCERT books are sufficient to crack exams with flying colours. If you write answers based on the exact information provided in NCERT books, then every examiner is obligated to validate it as a correct answer. This is so because NCERT publishes well researched and verified content only.

  • Don’t Include English Reference Books In Your Study Plan

Many students waste their time and money in finding and purchasing expensive English reference books thinking that it will help them to score high in English but this is not the case. On the contrary, reading various kinds of English books will only confuse you as every book has a different take. It is better to prioritise NCERT books & build a strong foundation for English. Your study plan should be crisp and hold direction for you that will only help you to fetch more numbers. So, make sure to keep your study plan updated with the books that have valid content only.

  • Summary and Intext Questions Are Beneficial

The summary given at the end of every chapter can really help you to score well. You can also make short notes from them. Intext questions are equally important for 9th graders. NCERT has a summary at the end of every chapter, which is helpful for students to get a better & clearer perspective on the topic. Questions in the chapter also draw attention toward more important topics that the students need to emphasise for conceptual clarity.

  • Make Reading Comprehensions Your Habit

Comprehension is one of the major aspects of English. Reading articles from your English books as well as from newspapers will help you to not only increase your concentration but will also help you to pick up the right points at the right time. Understanding the context and content are both taught in English and this is exactly what your exam will evaluate so make sure in your study plan you jot down reading and doing comprehension regularly. If you feel that you are not able to do the comprehension well, start by comprehending the simpler and smaller ones. This will help you easily even to crack the difficult passages.

  • Take Time For Vocabulary

Vocabulary is again an inseparable part of English. Understanding vocabulary is important to understand the questions as well as to answer them. So make a list of words and write their meaning in front of them. To enhance your vocabulary try to revise them every day. Also, these words should be only taken out from your NCERT books as they are sufficient to up your vocabulary game.

  • Grammar Rules Are Must

Without good command over your grammar, you will not be able to write the answers impressively. Writing inaccurate grammar also results in a deduction of marks. So it is important to make a separate grammar notebook and write all the important grammar rules in that. Make sure you go through thorough revisions so you can ace all those rules. Finding errors and para jumbled sentences exercises can help you to ace the grammar rules.

  • Take Mini Breaks In Between

Studying can get tiring and so it is important to take mini-breaks in between. This will help you to rejuvenate yourself. During your mini-breaks only try to follow a regime that you love and feel relaxed doing. Only you have the power to make yourself feel relaxed and so make sure you do it.


To Sum up, NCERT books are adequate for CBSE exams. Combining NCERT books with an accurate study plan is a combination made in heaven. As much as we understand students’ anxiousness to explore the best of the best books to gain more marks, we want you to note that CBSE evaluates students’ performances on direct and twisted questions, which you can only solve based on clear and strong conceptual clarity. So, focus on your performance and try to enhance your intellectual level in English by following the above-listed tips and tricks as they can really help you to easily do well in your academics especially in English.

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