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How to track your home loan?

Despite home loan procurement made easy by credible lenders and options comparing platforms, the process itself can be a tad overwhelming if you aren’t aware of the basics and even ideas to track the loan status, in time. Also, if you can periodically track the home loan, it becomes easier to understand the reasons for the delays, if any. Plus, if the lack of proper documentation is a reason for the delay in loan application processing, you can easily get intimation upon tracking and furnish the same, stat.

Not to mention the fact that the number of loan applications has rather escalated in the past few years, with financial institutions ready with a competitive and affordable home loan interest rate, zero processing fee, and other relevant offers. However, the unprecedented boom in the number of people looking to get new houses isn’t always easy for the banks and other non-banking institutions to process.

Therefore, as an applicant, even you need to keep a close eye on the loan application, so that you can revert with the necessary steps if needed.

Best Ways to Track Home Loan Application

Via User Credentials

You can easily track a housing loan by heading over to the official website of the concerned bank and feeding the registered mobile number as the unique identifier. It is understandable that you might not be able to carry a loan reference ID everywhere, which then makes the role of the registered number, all the more important.

Also, certain banks might even ask you for the DOB and other details to let you inside the portal.

Via Reference Number

Nothing beats the good old reference number when it comes to tracking loan applications. However, for this to work, you still need to visit the official banking portal.

Via Net Banking

In case you are already an existing customer with the concerned financial institution, tracking loan applications is rather seamless and completely possible via the dedicated Netbanking dashboard. Also, you can find a specific ‘Loans’ section for viewing the application and closure status of other credit lines.

Via Customer Care

Tracking the home loan application is also possible if you call the customer care executive, convey the requirements, and even supply the necessary details to authenticate your identity. In this regard, it is advisable to call using the registered contact number.


Tracking a home loan application doesn’t only concern status updates. Instead, you can track to understand more about the repayment details, offline EMI payment options, prepayment liabilities, and more. Also, consistent tracking lets you avoid the credit hit of loan rejection as you can provide the necessary details and fix the issues if any.

Regardless, it is still more important to find a good and more accommodative lender in the first place by heading straight to the Finserv MARKETS as only then will this discussion about tracking make sense.

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