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Skip Bins Sydney With A Small Guide By 7 Skips

Looking for skip bins Sydney? 7skipbins has the best deals for you! They are a skip bin hire Sydney agency that provides the customer with cheap skip bins Sydney. Not only they got reasonable deals, but this skip hire Sydney Agency also has wonderful features which attract many customers towards it.

What are skip bins Sydney?

Skip bins are the huge storage containers that are usually bought or rented when there’s cleaning going on in offices, houses, etc.You can easily find several skip bin Sydney agencies but the best among all is 7 skips as it has interesting features with a golden feature for you.

They provide you with the best quality bins, with affordable prices, fast customer services, truly quick and neat delivery functions and much more.

Speaking about the golden feature, it’s something you won’t find anywhere in Australia. 7 skips give you a chance to customise your order for your ideal skip bins Sydney.

Below is a small guide for you by 7 skips which explains what can and what can’t go in 7 skip bins according to categories:-

  • General waste – which includes commercial, household and industrial waste.
  • Can be placed: Kitchenware, books, papers, bedding, tools, clothes, appliances, toys, etc. Stationery, cardboard, furniture, office appliances, etc. Twigs, grass clippings, shrubs, etc.
  • Cannot be placed: clay, soil, rocks, wood, gyprock, sand, concrete, brick, etc. Turf, synthetic grass, soil with or without turf, tree trunks and roots, etc. Insulation, liquids, batteries, empty chemical containers, etc.
  • Mixed waste – which includes general household, warehouse and office waste mixed with building or construction waste.
  • Can be placed: Everything from general household waste. Commercial and domestic waste from construction, demolition and renovation. Concrete, brick, stone, plastic, metal, steel, tiles, rock, wood, gyprock, soil, etc. Decking and floorboards, etc. Grass clippings, trunks, grass, shrubs, palm trees, etc.
  • Cannot be placed: Insulation, liquids, empty chemical containers, asbestos, liquids, wet paint, food, putrescible etc.
  • Green waste – which includes general landscapes and gardening waste.
  • Can be placed: Trunks and branches. Grass and lawn clippings. Plant clippings. Plants, twigs, woodchips, bark, shrubs, etc. Untreated timber.
  • Cannot be placed: concrete, soil, tiles, brick, rocks, wood, gyprock, sand, stones, etc. Liquids, empty chemical containers, food, wet paint, putrescible, asbestos, batteries, etc.
  • Sandstone, Roof tiles (concrete/terracotta), concrete, bricks only – which includes Clean or hard fill waste.
  • Can be placed: Bricks or Bricks and mortar. Concrete. Roof tiles, terracotta and concrete only. Sandstone. Asphalt or Bitumen.
  • Cannot be placed: kitchenware, furniture, garage junk, clothes, appliances, toys, etc. Stationery, cardboard, office appliances, furniture, etc. Lawn and grass clippings, twigs, shrubs, plants, woodchips, bark, etc. Insulation, asbestos, food, wet paint, empty chemical containers, etc. Sand, dirt or soil.
  • Soil/dirt – which includes soil or dirt waste.
  • Can be placed: 100% dirt or soil only. Clay, rock and Sandstone naturally occurred.
  • Cannot be placed: toys, clothes, appliances, furniture, garage junk, Kitchenware, etc. Cardboard, stationery, furniture, etc. Branches, twigs, woodchips, bark, etc. Liquids, empty chemical containers, batteries, etc. No other waste at any cost.

Can’t find your desired type of skip bin in the above list? Contact the agency, like promised they will provide you with a customised bin without any problem.

Looking for a solution to your household and general waste problems? Look no further than ASAP Skip Bins. We provide expert advice and services on all aspects of waste management, so you can rest assured that your needs are taken care of.

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