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What are the Applications of Hydrology in Practical Life?

Hydrology would be best defined as the science dealing with all aspects of the availability of water on Earth. The science would be inclusive of the study of –

  • occurrence of water
  • distribution of water
  • circulation of water
  • properties of water
  • the effects of water n living beings and the environment

It would not entirely be deemed as pure science, as it offers several practical applications. It would also make the most of the knowledge of various other sciences immensely.

What does the subject of hydrology entail?

The subject of hydrology would involve –

Application of hydrology in engineering

Determining the success of the development of any water resource would be based on timely availability and an adequate supply of water. A proper assessment of water has been deemed vital, as it would help you know comprehensively from where the resource comes, when it comes, where it comes, what time it comes, and how much of it has been made readily available for human consumption.

Therefore, hydrological investigations would be the initial step in the development of any water resources scheme involving construction, operation of hydraulic structures, and its design. The cost of collecting adequate hydrological data along with its analysis makes a relatively small part of the entire cost of the water resources development project. However, it ensures the success of the operation along with the life of the project, thereby, becoming an essential activity.

Forecast on floods

Despite water being a vital natural resource, it would also bring destruction through floods and storms. The hydrologist would be required to forecast –

  • on floods
  • on hydropower generation
  • assurance on adequate storage capability of water for irrigation
  • domestic water supply
  • industrial water supply
  • control on floods

Understanding practical applications of hydrology

The practical applications of the information gathered by hydrologists would be as follows –

  • Estimating the flow of water and future conditions of water flow at any point in the drainage valley or basin area
  • Facilitating the design of river training work
  • Effective management of the operation of reservoirs
  • Accurate determination of the reservoir capacity
  • Preparing river basin account of the water resources
  • Proper designing of the sewerage schemes and water supply to townships

These are some of the practical applications of the information gathered by hydrologists.

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