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What is a Live Webinar and How Does It Work?                                                      

You no longer need to travel and gather in a specific area to hold a meeting or attend an interview. Real-time communication through live webinars is affordable, efficient, and saves time. Participants interact freely and can ask questions in real-time.

What is a live webinar?                                                    

A live webinar is an online seminar, presentation, or meeting in real-time through the internet. The online event connects the hosts and participants worldwide. The distinguishing feature of live webinars is their interactive ability and information exchange in real-time. You can attend the meeting at a convenient time and place for you.

You can have webinars in two ways:

  • A live webinar; is when you hold an online meeting in real-time with live viewers.
  • Pre-recorded or on-demand; it happens when you record a training session, then invite individuals to watch the pre-recorded webinar.

A Step-to-Step Guide on How a Live Webinar Works

  • You need to download the latest version of live webinar software using your smartphone or computer. The software can work on android, iOS, Mac, and Windows systems.
  • Sign up by creating a webinar account. Use a valid e-mail address to sign up and fill in the requested details. When you have successfully registered, you will receive an email with a link. Click on it to make your webinar account active for use.
  • Do preparations before you can start an actual live webinar. Decide on the topic to address, the time, and the date of the seminar. Ensure the time you choose is convenient for all participants in diverse time zones. Select a relevant and informative topic and invite an experienced speaker in the same line.
  • Refurbish your webinar by choosing a relevant live webinar theme. You can also include your logo to bring out your brand’s genuine reflection. Come up with a hashtag that will make it easy for the participants to share the details of the meeting on social media platforms.
  • Schedule the webinar meeting based on the preferred time. You can also hold the presentation without pre-scheduling and invite attendees to your webinar.
  • Ensure that your camera and microphone are up to standard and can convey perfect audio and HD video. You can conduct a practice meeting to confirm if you are ready and everything is in its correct place.
  • Develop rich live webinar content. Make the presentation interactive and very engaging. You can use techniques like creating polls, sharing an online screen, and an online whiteboard. In addition, you can have a question-and-answer session after your presentation.
  • Host your meeting by pressing the start meeting button. Also, record the meeting proceedings by clicking the record button. You can avail your recordings online as a pre-recorded webinar for other people who wish to view them.
  • After a successful live webinar broadcast, send a thank you note to all the participants by clicking the thank you page icon. Finally, get feedback from all the attendees for further reference.

Live webinars provide an excellent platform for the host to have a session with participants in the business and academic world. It is helpful and easy to use by everyone. The platform allows attendees to interact and hold one-on-one sessions in real-time. The information above will help you carry out a smooth and successful live webinar broadcast.

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