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The Key Benefits Chatbots Can Have for Your Business

The use of chatbots in businesses has increased year on year and as the technology behind them has improved, they have proved to be of a big advantage. Even huge firms such as American Express, Domino’s, and Starbucks have begun to use them as a way to provide convenient and efficient support to their customers.

Businesses use them on their websites, on Facebook Messenger and on Twitter. These bots can be customised to have a string of questions and answers waiting for your customers. They are cheaper than hiring human customer support and can work all day and night without the need for breaks.

They Please Your Customers

A chatbot might not be preferred to human interaction but they are a value for money alternative that does please customers. These chatbots can solve the most common issues and queries or redirect more serious issues to a smaller human support team.

Of course, if you have a chatbot, it has to work efficiently. It should be bug-free, setup to resolve the many issues your customers may have, and work across a number of different devices.

Chatbots Cut Down on Operational Costs

One of the biggest benefits to using a chatbot is the monetary savings. Rather than paying support staff to man your online communications, you instead get a chatbot that works 24/7 without complaining, taking sick days off, or having cigarette breaks. It has been said that using chatbots can reduce customer service overheads for a business by over 30%.

Some Chatbots Even Help to Close Sales

The technology behind chatbots has come a long way in recent years. They are smarter and can allow you to make chatbot sales. Through smart AI and robust marketing, chatbots can now effectively funnel potential customers through all aspects of a sale. From suggesting products, to offer guidance, and to closing the sale, a chatbot can be of great benefit with regards to attracting, creating and converting leads.


There have been many claims that around 80% of all online businesses will be using chatbots in some form or other by the end of 2022. When you realize the benefits of using them, you will understand why. If you have not considered taking advantage of what modern AI chatbots can bring to your buisness, now might be about the perfect time to do so.

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