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What to Consider When Creating an E-Commerce Website

More people each week are taking the plunge by creating their very own ecommerce stores and it is not difficult to see why. This industry is booming right now and will only get bigger – especially due to the current pandemic hitting the world.

While it might sound easy (and, it actually is) to set up your own ecommerce store, there is still plenty to consider. If you have found your niche and know what to sell, the following are the three main considerations to think about.

  • Which Content Management System to Use

While it is possible to just build your own website for your ecommerce store, it really is not convenient to do so. It takes a lot of work, requires even more work whenever you need to add new products, and there is so much that can go wrong. For those reasons, using a CMS (content management system) is the better option. These are out of the box websites that are easy to customise, offer great e-commerce features and functionality, and come with support.

There are numerous CMS platforms out there, but Wix is the best overall, in our opinion. You will see this for yourself when you read many a Wix ecommerce review online.

  • The Design

There are hundreds of e-commerce stores and while you may not be competing with all of them, you will certainly have competition in your niche. Therefore, it is important that your website stands out. Your design has to catch the eye, match your brand, and not be off-putting for your visitors.

You generally have two options, design your own theme orcose from a bunch of pre-made themes. Some will be free while others may cost a small amount to purchase. If you do purchase a premade theme, make sure it offers the functionality that your e-commerce store needs.

  • Security

Hackers target small e-commerce sites for a reason, they are more likely to have a lack of security measures in place compared to larger companies. THis is why it is important that you protect the financial and personal information of your customers by using SSL certificates on your website. These keep your customers’ information encrypted and secure whilst also let customers know that they are going to be safe at your store.

When you use a CMS as shown in this Wix online store review, you already have a ton of security features built in – saving you time and money.


Whether you opt to build your own e-commerce site from scratch or build one using a CMS platform, the three considerations above will be the most important. Your site has to look good, offer functionality, and has to be a safe place for your customers to shop.

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