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Why is eCommerce SEO a huge demand in 2021?

SEO Importance.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the engine room for the world’s most advanced powerhouse marketing solution for companies worldwide, the internet.

The internet has reached never been seen before levels in 2020 due to COVID-19.  With many countries on lockdown, internet usage has become an essential part of everyday life. Although lockdowns will ease as vaccines come into play, this is a trend that is here to stay.

SEO is the gateway to improving the quality of traffic to your website; also, the quality and quantity of potential sales and new interest, maximising ROI.

An SEO expert will optimise your content adhering to what the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo prefer will rank highly on the search engine results pages (SERPs)

SEO acts as a clean-up act for struggling sites. It becomes a catalyst for new companies to get out of the blocks.  It brings premium visibility for your website on the SERPs and in the process increases the quality of your content.

The global pandemic has seen an unprecedented rise in online retail. Using the internet for transmission of data and finances has become an irreversible trend.  Until only recently, many were of the consensus the internet was not necessarily safe to conduct business through. Still, it has provided a safe haven amid the virus.  The ability to feel some kind of normality to buy and sell products without contact with other people has created a somewhat unexpected phenomenon.

ECommerce SEO, if conducted correctly by an experienced agency like Digital Muscle, optimises your site per Google’s algorithm to enhance your ranking, therefore, increasing sales and revenue.

Today’s entrepreneurs invariably have an eCommerce SEO strategy ready to be implemented from day one, if not before. Online visibility is everything in 2021.


2021 certainly has a bright outlook for the sector and beyond. With ever-changing consumer behaviour towards eCommerce, we look at some trends eCommerce website owners should adhere to. The article looks at how to achieve a higher ranking and visibility on the SERPs next year.



Reliable voice searches will be performed in 2021 through assistants such as Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri and Google home with Google assistant as an example.

The requirement to optimise your online store is genuine.

What seemed a concept a short time ago is now becoming a significant player in the market.  Due to the technology’s new-found accuracy and convenience, it is showing signs of becoming a popular way of conducting online business.

These voice-based devices have engaged clients in a way previously unthought of. Utilising them to market brands and services voice activated through the web.

In 2020 both Amazon and Google have been working relentlessly on local and regional language changes to their voice assistants to enable a more significant outreach to shoppers.

To meet customer’s expectations, here are some examples to help improve your voice search optimisation in 2021:

Add additional skills to Siri, Alexa and Google’s voice assistants.

Assess how to use a smooth flow to ensure using the voice command to assuring convenience at the point-of-sale.

Look at optimising your content to increase visibility in voice searches.

In your website and mobile apps offer commands to initiate voice-based navigation.


With reliance on mobile device adoptions and voice assistants on the increase, omnichannel shopping will come to the forefront in 2021.

What omnichannel shopping does is offer shoppers a premium service spread across various channels and devices. To ensure you are providing a premium service to online shoppers, eCommerce SEO should follow these strategies:

Throughout the shopping process, you need to optimise the shopper’s experience.

Ensure your website is optimised for both smartphones and Android. Look into creating interesting mobile apps for your site; it’s a trending option these days.

SAP Commerce Cloud, take a look at tools like this to inspire you.

Personalise a user’s eCommerce experience from the start to the point-of-sale.

Look to offer as many shipping options as possible. This year has seen trends such as doorstep delivery, road pick-up, pick-up from the store and home delivery, plus more.

In essence, the omnichannel ideology is options; consumers want options. But don’t lose sight of the fact you still need to direct them to buy!

Here are two tips to be able to offer a flawless system:

Add easy-to-find purchase points for your online shoppers.

Click and gather is a new trend that allows your customer to collect products from nearby stores; be sure to Implement it.


Social media platforms are fast becoming a go-to for online shoppers. Recent technological advancements have seen social media capabilities expand beyond being solely advertising and social channels.

Today we find Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter with payment options.

It has become a staple, here are what browsers now regularly see:

Product pictures and images

Product descriptions

Product costs

An easy to find and use link to purchase

A quick analysis of purchasing from social sites:

It takes the shopper less effort; they are already on there!

This way of purchasing is more convenient than searching separately for different online shops and products.

Look to set up your online shop. Image is everything in eCommerce today. To improve yours, make sure your posts are subliminally selling at all times, find creative and engaging ways to use these platforms to interconnect people and drive traffic.

This is yet another viable income stream if used effectively.  Conversion rates should not drop from traditional eCommerce, it’s unique, and if you gain a foothold now, 2021 will be productive.


Another trend that we have seen in 2020 is shoppers looking outside their comfort zones of their home countries for products. Of course, only eCommerce has the power, engagement and reach to offer a platform for this demand.

This new trend is creating a globalised eCommerce shopping horizon that looks set to become the ‘norm’ moving forward.

To capitalise on this growing trend, focus your SEO strategies around:

Build a multi-lingual platform. That will stand you apart, but be sure to adhere to international standards.

Use SEO to increase global brand recognition using digital ads.

Social media platforms can be extremely useful for cross-border transactions to empower eCommerce.

In 2021 eCommerce will provide you with ample opportunities to expand your reach, outside of your city and state if SEO is conducted correctly, and you appear on the first page of Google. In that case, it is irrelevant where your potential customer resides.


One of the critical drivers of eCommerce is payment options.

One of the first things a potential customer will do after seeing a product they would consider buying is jumping straight to the point-of-sale. Here they look to what payment options are available to them.

Look at offering digital wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple, Google Pay, as well as PayPal on top of a debit card such as Visa and Mastercard. Cryptocurrencies will see gains in the marketplace and become more common in 2021, so this can also attract buyers that would otherwise fly under the radar. Customer trends are an ever-changing factor for eCommerce business in 2021 but as long as you set yourself up correctly you will reap the rewards.

Here is a list of what you should look to offer customers at the checkout on your eCommerce site.


Amazon Pay

Google Pay

American Express


Apple Pay


Visa Checkout



These options are becoming more popular, so once a customer sees they can pay, they will continue shopping.


Mobile usage is changing the landscape for eCommerce and consumer engagement in general.

The growing popularity of shopping without having to use a desktop is moving at a fast pace.  Convenience at your fingertips is the new market trend.

Makes sure you prepare your eCommerce site for mobile devices by following these simple steps:

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.  Simply enter your URL into the tool, and Google will inform you on how responsive your online store is.  Also, the guide will notify you of any deficiencies your site has in loading.

Generate a Progressive Web App (PWA). This particular app helps to load the results at a much faster rate than your website. Plus, it allows customers to be able to view pages they previously browsed without having to be online.

Look to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile users.

Continually check your mobile site to ensure that navigation is always at a premium.


These are challenging times, but within lies opportunity but also ferocious competition. The eCommerce market is growing exponentially and will continue to do so.  We won’t see a peak for many years to come.  Get yourself ready, make sure you get a foothold as quickly as you can and be prepared to get a slice of the eCommerce market in 2021. Good luck.

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