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Everything You Need to Know About Bunding in Australia

Bunding is a safety measure that’s used to contain hazardous substances by using tanks, containers and the like. In many industries, it is crucial to ensure safety for everyone involved and the environment. By using bunding, you can stop a spill or leak from spreading, and this helps comply with environmental and legal responsibilities. With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about bunding.

What is Bunding?

Bunding is a style of environmental and safety protection that entails the safe storage of hazardous materials. In the event of a leak or spill, it will help reduce pollution and contamination of materials or harm to workers. Hazardous chemicals and materials such as gasoline, oil, and wastewater can be bundled.

Types of Bunding

Here are some common types of bunding found all over Australia.

Bunded Pallets

Bunded pallets or bunded trays are containers with a built-in secondary barrier around the perimeter that prevents the escape of any liquid or solid content. These are commonly used with drums that contain hazardous chemicals.

Floor Bunding

Floor bunding is permanent bunding that is installed directly onto the floor of a facility. It helps liquids be contained and removed if a spill should occur.

Portable Bunding

This is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-set-up bunding that is often used for outdoor use, in remote locations and in emergencies.

Fuel Bunding

This bunding works in the same way as other types of bunding, except that it is designed to contain fuel and other flammable liquids.

Tank Bunding

This style of binding is often used for large tanks, including any that are storing large amounts of chemicals or fuels. It is typically constructed from concrete and designed to be durable.

Concrete Bunding

This is a more heavy-duty form of bunding that’s used in a permanent manner in factories or industrial settings. It provides a strong barrier to hazards and allows for safe containment.

Chemical Bunding

This bunding is often used for hazardous chemicals and is made with a tank and containment walls.

Benefits of Bunding for Aussie Workplaces

Here is what bunding offers to Australian workplaces when installed and maintained correctly.

Environmental Protection

Bunding stops any potential spills from reaching waterways or leaking into environmental areas, this means it helps keep Australia beautiful.

Prevents Fire Water Contamination

Bunding’s capacity to prevent fire water contamination in industrial settings is yet another advantage. Fuel oils, lubricants, and chemicals found in firewater pose a risk of significant harm if they get into nearby soil or water sources.

Prevents Accidents that Occur

Doing bunding properly provides additional protection against spills or leaks in hazardous material containers that cause accidents on the job. The use of a physical barrier prevents costly clean-up operations and ensures employee safety by separating workers from potentially hazardous materials.

Follow Australian Law

Bunding assists organisations with observing Australian guidelines since it guarantees that dangerous material is appropriately contained. This aids businesses in adhering to regulations and lowers their chances of being penalised or fined for causing harm to the environment and maintaining a positive reputation.

Choose The Right Bunding for Your Business

For the best bunding, Spill Station is the leader in the Australian industry. They offer compliant bunding solutions for a variety of Australian businesses, ensuring the country and its people are kept safe in an affordable manner.  In addition to this, they offer risk audits and help with maintaining bunds and other similar safety equipment.

In short, Spill Station is your one-stop shop for everything workplace safety-related in Australia.

Contact them now for all your bunding needs.

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