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Tips to Create the Best Retail Signage

Let’s face it, your store signage is a critical aspect of the business, which needs to have an impact and draw the shopper’s eye. In this article, we offer a few tips on how to make the most from your retail signage.

  • Choosing fonts – Always use fonts that are easy to read and large enough to be read at a distance. Google can help you find a long list of fonts and you can create a shortlist.
  • Consider digital signage – Contact a leading signage company and take a look at the various digital sign design setups. Digital signage is made up of 3 main components; the content (images and text), the screen and the software to control the display. In-store digital screens are ideal for showcasing a particular product, with a short promo video running on a loop.
  • Consult with a leading graphics agency – Whether you already have a concept for your signage, or you are open to suggestions, you should seek out a local graphics/signage company that services your area.
  • Calls to action – Call to action signage is designed to encourage the store visitor to take the next step; examples include ‘BUY NOW’, ‘WHILE STOCKS LAST’ and ‘SALE ENDS FRIDAY’. You can experiment with both text and placement to see if there is any correlation between CTAs and sales.
  • Acrylic signage The latest generation of acrylic business signs is ideal for in-store signage; light and very durable, the possibilities are endless when you make contact with a leading graphics company. Imagine a 3D sign near the entrance, which would add depth and character. Any colour and shape can be created, bringing your interior alive.
  • Neon signage – Next time you are out shopping, take note of the neon signage, which should be evident; a local signage company would have a huge catalogue of designs to browse and if you want something unique, the provider loves a challenge. Great for coffee shops, boutiques and handicraft stores.
  • Review CCTV – Watch some old footage and see how shoppers behave about your signage, which might lead to signage improvements or relocations.

Retail signage needs to be on-point, clearly legible and eye-catching and by joining forces with an established signage company, your in-store signage will surely turn heads. Some would say that there is no such thing as perfect signage, rather it is always a work in progress, developing over time.

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