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Protecting your business or organization from cybercrime


Because cyber attack Singapore is on the rise, you should never wait until you are attacked for you to find solutions. As the saying goes, prevention will always be better than cure. You do not even have to use sophisticated methods if you do not have the means. You can simply use three simple methods and you will have protected your company or organization from possible cybercrime. Here are some of the things to do

Through education

The first important step to take to protect your organization is through educating employees and everyone who deals directly with your organization about possible risks of cybercrime caused by social engineering scams. Create awareness of possible scams such as phishing as well as typosquatting.

Invest in anti-lose resources

Instead of just seating back and waiting for it to happen, you need to try and invest in tools that can help limit data loss and information loss. Tools that can monitor your fourth part vendors and even third-party possible risks. You can as well scan for leak credentials and data exposure.

Use of technology

You can as well use technology to reduce any possible risks. For example, you can send vendors an assessment questionnaire as a strategy to assess cybersecurity risks.

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