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The Sublime Tradition Of Leather Crafting

The Leather Workshop Singapore has been crafting leather goods for more than 60 years and remains a small, family-owned company. Leather is their passion, and they have spent the last six decades learning how to make it with traditional methods while staying on top of new technology to create beautiful pieces that will stand up to the test of time. This blog post discusses some of the Leather Workshop Singapore’s history as well as their approach to making quality leather products.

The Leather Workshop began its life as an idea between two brothers who were looking for work after World War 2. They both had experience working with animal skin – one brother was a butcher during his war days while the other made shoes before he came back home from fighting overseas – so they started talking about how they could open a business together.

The Leather Workshop was born in 1964 as a small company that grew with the help of their wives, who were skilled needlewomen.

Leather is a durable and beautiful material to work with while also being sustainable so it has been an excellent choice for them from day one. They have spent six decades refining their craft but still stay on top of new technology to create quality leather products that are built to last.

The Leather Workshop Singapore is not only a workshop; it’s also an art gallery with rotating exhibitions of contemporary and vintage leather goods. They are often the first stop for tourists when they come to Singapore because The Leather Workshop offers something that cannot be found anywhere else in this country – authentic craftsmanship.

Their first shop was at Tanjong Pagar where they sold handmade bags before moving overseas some time later. In 1994, Leather Workshop opened its second store at Clifford Centre which showcases its leather craft.

 Leather Workshop also has a factory in Johor Bahru which they used for the production of their bags and wallets.

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