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Targeting Individuals’ Training Brings Better Peak Team Performance

Traditional team-sport training aims to bring high game readiness through collective training and practice. However, in some cases, that may not work. If you are organizing a camp for soccer training in Montgomery County, or planning a basketball clinic for the team, this post introduces you to the art and science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

The Individual Touch

One of the advantages of using ABA is that it takes performance improvement to an individual and human level. The traditional “train 8-hours a day!” approach doesn’t always deliver results. If you oversee your teams’ basketball training in Montgomery County, there’s only so much that cookie-cutter training can do. In fact, some broad-stroke, mass drills may be hurting, instead of enabling, your team’s performance. How’s that?

As a soccer or basketball coach, it pays to understand your players as individuals. Each individual player has certain peculiarities in how they perform. Whether it’s shooting, initiating offensive moves, taking advantage of rebounds, footwork, passing or warm-up drills. The more time they spend doing them, the more committed they get to transferring drill techniques onto the game field/court. And there lies the challenge:

Some of those moves might just not be right enough for some of those individuals – wrong stance, incorrect starting technique, poor follow through.

After attending conventional time-based soccer training in Montgomery County for 50-hours a week, those “bad” behaviors become second nature to the individual. What might seem like a good training and coaching strategy for the entire team may, in fact, be impacting peak performance of individual players.

A team is only as good as the weakest link. Unless you bring an individual, human touch to your coaching strategy, it’s likely your team is doomed to deliver sub-par performance.

ABA: Turning the Tide      

For every player to deliver their best on game day, it’s important to tailor an individual training regimen for each of them. Otherwise, poor behavior by one, sinks your entire game plan! And that’s where ABA can help. To help you take your soccer or basketball training in Montgomery County to the next level, ABA coaches bring sports, strength and conditioning, fitness, behavior nutrition/health coaching, and mindfulness training into an integrated training program.

Using a proven methodology, based on experimentation and observations, experienced trainers help individual players and teams to up their performance by:

  • Isolating targeted deficits
  • Coaching up fundamental skills to accelerate overall development
  • Incorporating scientific-based performance strategies that translate from practice to game day
  • Using data analytics to track and predict winning results!

So, instead of having two point guards on your team practicing ball handling for 50-hours a week, the ABA approach targets identified weaknesses in each of them. ABA then uses specific interventions: perhaps one needs passing practice, while the other needs to work on ball handling techniques.

Embrace a Performance Culture

At TeamABA, that’s the kind of discipline our dedicated sport trainers, fitness professionals, and coaches bring to the game. If you’re planning on running a camp for soccer training in Montgomery County, or whether you have an ongoing basketball coaching event, we can help your team bring their A-game to the field or court. By leveraging the power of ABA science, and data-driven coaching and fitness improvements, we’ll change the culture of your programs to deliver top-performing individuals and teams.

We’ll help your basketball, soccer or track and field teams embrace a culture that leads to all around high performance!

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