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Partner Visas to Ensure That Couples Remain Together

Emigrating to Australia is not as easy as it may seem. For instance, there are certain regulations that must be met. So, while it might be the plan to emigrate together as a couple, that may not be possible at the same time.

There are circumstances when that happens or an Australian citizen and a citizen of a foreign country enter into a relationship. Ultimately, they decide that they want to marry and make their residence in Australia.

There are certain permits that must be acquired to provide legality to the relationship and ensure that both parties are eligible for any benefits that come to those living in Australia.

Partner Visas

The solution for couples is a partner visa 309 in Australia. It helps to understand how these visas work and what they are meant to do. This program involves an Australian permanent resident or citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen who has since settled in Australia, who is able to sponsor a partner from overseas to get their permanent residence within Australia.

In most of these cases, that means granting the partner a temporary visa at first. But that means applying for both the temporary and permanent visas all at once. Each stage of the application requires detailed documentation for verification purposes.

It is about ensuring that the process is done properly so that both spouses can spend their time in Australia as they wish.

Knowing Bans and Exemptions

With the rise of COVID-19, bringing in a partner through the partner visa program has become much more difficult. There are travel bans for the most part, but that does not mean that there are no exemptions to those rules.

It means, when the process has been finalised, quarantining for 14 days at a specified facility. Most of the time, it is a hotel that is located in the port of arrival. This is all to ensure that no further transmission of the virus is allowed.

Working with a professional can help you and your partner know what to expect from the process. It can also ensure that all the steps are followed properly to ensure the smoothest path possible. At the end of the day, it is about uniting two people who want to be together. All the rest of the details can be navigated with a little bit of help from a professional.

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